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Asaka Industrial CO.,LTD is a Japanese Agricultural & Construction Tools manufacturer based in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Founded in 1661 (roughly 350 years ago), we started out as a specialty knife merchant, becoming one of Sakai's most well-known and long-established businesses. About 120 years ago, anticipating rapid expansion of the Japanese civil engineering, mining, and railway industries as a a result of Westernization, we shifted the focus of our business. While all shovels and scoops in Japan had previously been imported, in 1893, we became the first domestic producer of shovels and scoops, earning a place as one of the top players in the industry.Currently, we offer a range of everyday goods designed to make peoples' lives easier in addition to our shovels and scoops. Utilizing the expertise we've built up over our 350 year history, we hope to continue delivering products that meet society's needs.

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