Shipping policy

Delivery Times

All domestic orders are shipped by Australia Post. Upon your order being shipped you will be provided with a tracking number. We estimate a 24 - 48 hours* processing time. 

* This can be extended to 3-4 days around public holidays due to postal closures.


10 COMMANDMENTS (Golden rules)
of Japanese Knives Australia
  1. Prioritize accuracy: Double-check every order to make sure the address is spot-on and the products are just what you need.

  2.  Effective Communication:  Keep customers informed at every stage, from confirmation to dispatch and delivery, via reliable communication channels.

  3. Safety's key: Safeguard packages with secure packaging to ensure products arrive intact and undamaged.

  4. Stick to the plan: Strive to meet promised delivery times and, if unavoidable delays occur, communicate transparently and promptly.

  5. Options are good: Offer different delivery choices so you can choose what suits you best.

  6. Keep it clear and fair: No hidden fees or confusing terms. Everything's laid out plain and simple.

  7. Customer happiness matters: Always aiming to exceed expectations and leave you smiling.

  8. Reliability is the game: Dependable systems and trusted carriers ensure every delivery is on point.

  9. Respect their privacy: Your info is kept secure, and your space is respected throughout the process.

  10. Feedback's appreciated: Open to hearing your thoughts to make things even better down the road.

As Japanese knives Australia, we are 100% commited with our customers.